Megatex - Your competent partner for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
for the chemical, pharmaceutical and film industry


Besides conception, installation and maintenance of small up to global networks together with server applications we are specialized on complex CRM and ERP Systems. Applications in the range of film industry, trade, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, food, eventmanagement, address management and marketing are working excellently for many years now. At the same time database know-how is one of our special area of expertise.

The IT-division of Megatex Ltd. extends to three fields of activity:

Software - products by Megatex Ltd.

We develop and distribute software in the range of film industry, tradel, chemistry, pharmaceutical
industry, food, eventmanagement, marketing, address services und artificial intelligence. Our
products are distributed by means of licenses worldwide. Licensee is our parent company,
Megatex Ltd. in Jersey.

Hardware, server and network technologies

Small up to global Networks are being werden von uns conceived, installed und maintained. Our main
focus lies with software products of the companies Microsoft (c) and Citrix (c).

Service and miscellaneous

As specialist in the field of database and grafics we also develop individual applications, which can
be applied locally, at intranet or worldwide at internet. We also take care of internet presentations,
as well as your running maintenance IT-solutions.