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Corporate Performance

Who is Megatex Ltd. and what is our business?

The MEGATEX Group has his ancestral seat 1990 in Jersey on the Channel Islands and operates
today in many european countries. At the foundation 2 product groups were integrated into the new company. The Textile- and IT-Division. The best textile contacts allowed the exclusive sales of
four fabric collections from very famous german textile manufacturers to Eastern Europa.
In the beginning of the IT-Division in Jersey a rental Software for the rental of film equipment was developed and distributed.

In 1996 an IT service contract was concluded with two american companies, which enabled us to
register, qualify and host consumer addresses. Therefore the „Address-Division“ was founded and
formed the third main pillar. Then it was solidly invested in a server farm at the headquarter in Jersey.
Besides our 15.200.000 consumer adresses in Europe (Actual 12/2009) the servers also administrate
all versions of the IT products MEG-ADDRESS, MEG-RENTAL, MEG-TRADE and MEG-GLOBE.

Because of today's global change of personnel-intensive manufacturing (external migration) the
„Textile-Division“ has been closed as far as possible. The more so as the „IT-Division“ and „Address-Division“ have been growing and developing. Perfect CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
and ERP (Enterprise resource planing) in practice means longtime experience and at all times a high extent of company organisation and improvement of processes. So Megatex also offers you advise
for your company regarding your IT division.

1983-1989 High-Tex-Systems: under the direction of A. Herrmann CAD-CAM Systems for the textile industry (design applications for the textile weaving mill and print press) were developed and sold worldwide. Based upon these developments is the beginning of the products of
the future Megatex Ltd.
1990 Foundation of Megatex Ltd. Jersey to develop and distribute the merchandise planning and control systems firstly for the film industry and for film rental equipment. Head of development A. Herrmann.
1991 The division „textile“ distributes 4 drapery asortmenst in Osteuropa from famous
german textile manufacturers (Wiebe Textil, Gaenslen & Völter Tuche, Barth & Könenkamp Seidenkollektion, Riedel & Tietz Strickwaren. MEG-TEX, a trade software
for the textile sales is developed and introduced at the Megatex establisments, a pre-product to MEG-TRADE.
1994 First ....installation of MEG-RENTAL in Germany with a wellknown filmequipment-
and studiorental company in Hamburg.
1995 Foundation of Megatex Polska and Megatex Tschechei to extand the textile Divison.
More than 1 Million drapery goods are being distributed.
1996 Foundation of „address-division“. Via the central server farm in Jersey the address-
hosting for two well-known american companies from the baby nutrition and healthcare industry is done and all european generated addresses have been transferred.
1997 Extenstion of MEG-RENTAL about establisment-/ and client functions: via one central
CITRIX server farm a MEG-RENTAL system was centrally installed in Hamburg and connected with 5 German major cities.
1998 Megatex Ltd. occupies 6 employees at the development departement und 14 sales employees in Jersey und at 4 foreign establishments.
1998 MEG-RENTAL is being installed in South-Africa and connected via CITRIX with
Hamburg. Fully automated 5 languages skills are implemented into the products (Switching of the languages as per keyboard function key).
1999 The „address-division“ achieves the authorization to exclusively distribute the
generated addresses in Europe. The software product MEG-ADDRESS is also
being launched this year.
2001 Product extention about the merchandise and planning control system MEG-TRADE,
the future product of the current software MEG-GLOBE.
2002 The „address-division“ possesses over 5.000.000 consumer addresses in Europe,
in Germany alone over ca. 1.800.000 addresses from young families and und senior citizens.
2004 MEGATEX Germany GmbH was founded in Hamburg to strenghen sales in Germany
to offer the best service and development capacity for the german clients locally for
the products MEG-RENTAL and MEG-GLOBE.
2005 MEG-GLOBE has been adapted for this line of business in close collaboration with
well-known chemical and pharmaceutical trade companies. The distribution of
MEG-RENTAL has started.
2006 The „textile-division“ terminates the essential sales of drapery goods in Eastern
Europe due to strong manufacturing migrations of clients to the Middle East. Only
the high-quality silk goods from Barth & Könenkamp are still being marketed.
2007 MEG-GLOBE is besides the chemical and pharmaceutical trade area also installed
in companies with chemical and pharmaceutical production and stock-keeing. MEG-GLOBE has been adapted for stock-keeping and um Lagerhaltung und manufacturing modules.
2008 The „address-division“ of MEGATEX Ltd. possesses over 12.300.000 of one's own generated addresses in Europe and in Germany alone more than ca. 3,1 Million
addresses in the range of yong families, senior citizens and consumers (20-55 years old).
2009 Establishment of the Megatex service- und trainings center in the North of Hamburg
for the „IT-division“.
2009 The „address-divison“ of MEGATEX Ltd. extends the address inventory to 15.000.000 addresses.